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CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) certification is for instructors who want to verify they have attained a standard of excellence in the training field. CTT+ validates the knowledge and use of tools and techniques necessary for successfully teaching in today’s learning environments.Earning the CTT+ certification designates you as an exceptional trainer in your field. As an instructor, you not only have to plan engaging classroom lectures, practice tasks and exams, but you must also be a knowledgeable and effective communicator. CTT+ certification provides comprehensive training standards to validate your skills in a traditional or virtual classroom environment, and ensures that you can teach effectively and step up to the front of the class with confidence.

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CompTIA acquired the Certified Technical Trainer credential in 2001 from The Chauncey Group, and that’s still very much the arena in which this general-purpose technical training certification plays. The CTT+ is accepted as evidence of trainer training in many IT certification programs outside CompTIA, including Adobe, Dell, Microsoft, Verizon and Cisco. CTT+ certified professionals are also highly sought after and employed by the U.S. Department of State.

Today, earning a CTT+ requires passing two exams: a CTT+ Essentials exam, which covers basic instructional concepts and techniques, and either a Classroom Trainer (real-life instructor-led training) or a Virtual Classroom Trainer (online training, usually video-based) exam. These latter items require submission of a recording of the candidate teaching in the environment to which the specific exam applies (in the classroom for Classroom Trainer; online or via video-based instruction for Virtual Classroom Trainer) and completion of a detailed questionnaire about the content, focus and coverage of the materials for the recorded teaching encounter submitted for review. Candidates must also pass the computer-based CTT+ Essentials exam before they can submit the forms for the Trainer exam.


  • One CompTIA CTT+ Essentials exam voucher.
  • Validity : 12 months from the date of delivery.


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