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The CompTIA Trifecta is a combination of three IT certifications: CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+. Having all three IT certifications gives you the trifecta. The CompTIA Trifecta significantly increases your earning potential and allows for greater marketability globally. If you are already in a job in IT, having the CompTIA Trifecta may get you that promotion you have been eyeing or if you are a fresher, CompTIA Trifecta makes it easier for you to land a job in IT.

Our CompTIA Trifecta Voucher Bundle gives you a flat $300 discount on your purchase of two CompTIA A+ exam vouchers, one CompTIA Network+ exam voucher & one CompTIA Security+ exam voucher.  CompTIA exam vouchers purchased from VoucherPlex come with 12 months validity from the date of delivery and can be used only once to schedule  the related exam with the CompTIA Approved Pearson VUE exam centers across North America.


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A major reason for people to get certified is the potential income boost. With or without a degree, CompTIA certifications significantly increase your marketability. The greatest advantage of having certifications is improved marketability. Another great advantage is that CompTIA certs are not vendor specific. That means your skillset can be used across the board. CompTIA certifications aren’t just stackable, they are applicable! CompTIA offers different certifications, the one you choose to pursue will depend on your needs, personal and professional; however, you cannot go wrong with the trifecta. Not only will you become three times more marketable, but you will benefit from the increased salary this combination of certifications provides.

The trifecta is a combination of three certifications: CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+. Having all three certifications gives you the trifecta. CompTIA Trifecta Voucher Bundle from VoucherPlex gives you the best deal on your purchase of the exam vouchers needed for you to score “The Trifecta” with $300 flat discount.




  • Two A+ exam vouchers, one Network + exam voucher, & one Security+ exam voucher.
  • Validity : 12 months from the date of delivery.


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